Parish Nursing

Parish Nursing is a health ministry within our faith community and beyond which emphasizes the wholeness of body, mind and spirit, promoting wholeness through the integration of faith and health.

Rooted in the vision of Christ as Healer, and modeled after the compassionate ministry of Jesus, health ministry “seeks to transform the faith community into a place of health and healing.”  (Olson, J. & Clark, M., 1999, Exchange)

Parish Nurse Clinic Hours

Waterloo Mennonite Homes

Tuesday 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.

Waterloo-Kitchener United Mennonite Church

Thursday 11:00 a.m. – Noon



The Parish Nurse provides:

  • Coordinate health education and health promotion programs
  • Advocate for personal health rights and access to health care
  • Refer to health system resources and community programs
  • Individual health assessment and lifestyle counselling
  • Walk with/provide encouragement and support for those experiencing bereavement and loss or major life transitions
  • Visitation and pastoral care with those in hospital and nursing homes
  • Provide crisis care and support as a member of the pastoral team
  • Strengthen the fail community’s response to health and safety issues
  • Support other caring ministries within the faith community
  • Assist individuals to understand the relationship between faith and health
  • Regular blood pressure clinics, blood pressure monitoring, and blood glucose monitoring are offered

Appointments & Clinics

The Parish Nurse offers regular clinics

  • for residents at Waterloo Mennonite Homes, each Tuesday 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
  • for anyone, each Thursday from 11 AM to 12 PM in the nurse’s office at the church.

Individual appointments are available at a time convenient to you by contacting the parish nurse.

Healthy Reflections Newsletter

Health Ministry

Health Ministry is a partnership with the ministry staff and the congregation. The Health and Wellness Committee provides oversight, direction and support to this ministry.

Health and Wellness Committee Vision:

  • To foster a healthy & healing environment within the faith community
  • To nurture the congregation to greater health of body, mind & spirit
  • To support & maximize our capacity to care for each other
  • To be a resource for health education & health promotion

Healthy Facilities at WKUM Church

WKUM offers a nut-free and scent reduced environment.

Other healthy facility features at WKUM Church include:

  • wheelchair accessibility
  • a sound system with individual hearing enhancement
  • Safe Food Handling practices
  • Protection Plan (policies and procedures)
  • Pandemic readiness and response plan, and
  • an on-site automated defibrillator.


Health and Wellness programs are offered regularly in response to identified needs within the church. The emphasis is on topics which support health promotion, prevention and healthy lifestyles. All are welcome to participate – check the weekly church bulletin and bulletin boards for upcoming events and topics.

Regular Health Promotion Events

  • Wellness Circle – Vibrant good health enhances the ability to live, work and enjoy life. At the monthly Wellness Circle we explore various topics related to physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness. Learn how to improve your health and prevent or lower the risk of developing chronic disease.
  • Nutrition in Motion– Nutrition in Motion is a monthly health promotion event which affirms and supports individual efforts to improve health through good nutrition and exercise. A variety of topics on nutrition, healthy diet, active living, and / or healthy lifestyles are discussed.

Youth and Children’s Health Education

  • Annual Allergy and Anaphylaxis Workshop
  • Other educational events are offered as needs are identified

Support Services / Groups

  • Cancer Support is provided on an as needed basis to offer hope, encouragement and support to individuals and / or family members coping with newly diagnosed cancer or cancer therapy, for those living with the disease and cancer survivors.
  • Grief Support is offered as needed to provide a safe space for those experiencing bereavement and loss. This group explores the stages of grief, individual responses to grief, and supports participants on the journey toward healing and restoration.

Training Events

  • Cardiopulmonary and Resuscitation
  • Automated External Defibrillation
  • Anaphylaxis

Pandemic Readiness

For information on current activities, please visit our events section.


The Health Ministry supports a number of regular publications. Watch the weekly bulletin and your mailboxes for the latest publications

Parish Nursing Ministry Brochure

Young Adults

Young adults range in age from fresh out of high school and upwards. Many are university students, some are finished, and others haven’t gotten started. A few grew up at WK, but a fair number have joined the church as adults. Young adults are a self-directed group who gather weekly to share a meal and Bible Study together, and occasionally for coffee, gym nights, and BBQs.


For information on current activities, please visit our events section.

The young adults going on the Israel-Palestine YELLA trip now have a blog up and running. This blog will be updated throughout the trip and also includes the group’s itinerary. This will be a way to join them on their journey! The blog is and all are invited to follow along. This trip will be taking place May 2 – 24th.


Youth is a program for students in grades nine through 12. Youth meets most Sundays after the worship service for Sunday School and then afterward for events.

For information on current activities, please visit our events section.