Welcome to WKUM, an urban Christian church formed over 90 years ago by Mennonite refugees from the Ukraine. Today the vestiges of that early community plus people from many different backgrounds and age groups gather in this 120-year-old church building in downtown Waterloo.

As followers of Jesus Christ, led by the Spirit moving in our midst, we worship the one true living God and seek to live up to Anabaptist practices. Our congregation has been wonderfully blessed over the years. The participation of different people from different backgrounds has enhanced our worship and congregational life. While maintaining a connection to our roots, we seek to become a more welcoming, outward-focused congregation aligning ourselves with God’s mission in this time and place.

Strengths of our congregation include Biblical scholarship, a rich music tradition, shared leadership, and a focus on Christian education, including an energetic and engaging adult Sunday school. Our Parish Nurse and Health and Wellness Committee demonstrate a strong commitment to seniors and the well-being of all age groups. Thanks to our downtown location, we are taking measures to attract more individuals and families from the neighbourhood to our services and programs.

Our  Pastor, Ben Cassels, along with our Parish Nurse Karen Watson, lead us on our exciting journey to discover God’s purposes for our congregation in the Waterloo Region.

We look forward to you joining us also.

~The people of WKUM